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The Support You Need for a Better Financial Future

There are so many moving parts to a thriving business and you can’t do it all yourself.

With the help of the qualified and experienced team at RA Advisory, you will be able to simplify your accounting, stay compliant with legislation and increase after-tax cash flow.

Led by experienced accountant Robin Aggarwal, our team helps SME owners create a more profitable business while reducing the stress of day-to-day financial management.

You can expect real value for money and a tailored service package to suit your needs.

Business Accounting

Start your business the right way or untangle your current finances so you can feel more confident about the future.

Self-Managed Super Funds

RA Advisory can help with tax returns, support you to set financial goals or optimise your SMSF.

Xero & Cloud Accounting

If you give us a few minutes of your time, we can show you how to effortlessly manage your business finances with online accounting.

Important Financial Information For
Small Business Owners

Financial Support For Small Business During Covid-19

How we help

Our services extend from start-ups to well-established businesses and
from franchise owners to individuals.

It is our goal to help you gain control and clarity around your finances by sharing ways to improve business efficiencies and increase profitability.

Experience the benefits of a dedicated and committed accountant who acts as
an extension of your business.

What to Expect

Along with friendly, professional service and the support of an accounting team committed to driving your business further, you will benefit from:

✔ Assistance with pre-purchase reviews and due-diligence so you can make the right decisions

✔ Financial, cash flow & profit management to help you feel in control

✔ Business valuation and planning so you can take the next step, whatever that is

✔ Detection and prevention of retail crime to improve cash flow and profits

✔ Ongoing support and compliance with franchisor and taxation requirements

✔ Assistance with the selling and resales process to give you and your family a more financially secure future

Why RA Advisory?

There are plenty of accountants out there but they don’t all see themselves as your partners in success. Contact us and work with an accountant who is driven to share big business strategies with small business owners.

Beyond offering basic tax and compliance support, we provide:

✔ Regular catch-ups and personal attention

✔ Fixed-fee packages to suit your requirements

✔ Flexible service options which can work with your schedule

✔ Specific expertise for franchise owners and licensees

✔ Customised tax, accounting and financial strategies

✔ Forward planning and budgeting for more confidence in your business

✔ Face to face meetings or video calls so you can get to know the person you are working with

✔ Tips, advice and ideas for a more financially secure future

Client Feedback

Elva Li
Elva Li
23:04 10 Oct 20
Robin is very professional and knowledgable. He puts the interests of his clients first. I can totally trust him and his team, rely on his expertise and be assured that my company's financials and tax matters are fully taken care of.
Vivek A
Vivek A
02:29 22 Sep 20
I was referred to RA Advisory by two of my friends, and I have known Robin personally before my interactions with him as a potential accountant.Robin is methodical, very detail oriented, and gives sound advice without the "marketing speeches" commonly seen from many other accountants. He advised me that forming a company was a great idea for my situation along with clear reasons and has helped me form this company and manage the book keeping and accounting. I found him to be very knowledgeable in all aspects of personal and company tax and would highly recommend RA Advisory and his team as accountants for both personal and business situations.If you want a clear cut and to the point accounting practice, this is the place to go to.
Richard Williams
Richard Williams
05:40 21 Sep 20
Robin and his team are fantastic at what they do. They provide clear direction in a timely fashion and will help you to deliver whatever solutions you need in the way that you need it, and direct you when you need that also.I cannot recommend them highly enough and would direct any colleague or family member to them without reservation.
roshan shetty
roshan shetty
08:48 30 Aug 20
Having known Robin personally before availing his accounting services, I was fully aware what I was getting into. Seriously, he thinks in numbers and is the one of the most organized and meticulous person that I know. Guess that's an occupational hazard however that did give me a preview of what sort of accounting experience I was signing up for.This was the first time, I considered doing my taxes with the help of professional. If you are someone, who's got only one source of income and not many ongoing investments other than a savings account then you are better off doing it yourself. (This is the exact advice I got from RA advisory before they agreed to help me with my taxes). However, having gone through them, I can see the difference a professional service makes. If you are after an accountant, you won't go wrong in choosing them. Affordable fees, detailed advice and fast returns.
Jo Hanford
Jo Hanford
01:28 30 Aug 20
I have been working with RA Advisory for 18months now, Robin and his team are exceptionally thorough, patient and efficient. RA Advisory pay keen attention to detail, while still focusing and assisting you see the bigger picture. I would recommend RA Advisory again and again!
Roy Hanford
Roy Hanford
08:32 21 Aug 20
Robin and the team at RA Advisory are professional, hold you to account but most importantly authentic. They’re passionate about helping you whether, it be personal or business related financial matters, and put in the extra leg work every time. I recommend RA to anyone who ever asks ‘Do I Know a good accountant?’ My reply is always, ‘No I don’t, I know a GREAT accountant.’
varun Aggarwal
varun Aggarwal
23:35 02 Apr 20
I have been a client of RA advisory for over 5 plus years. Over this time I have always sought Robin advice for my business, taxation planning and obligations for self-managed superannuation fund. I have been delighted with robin professional service, In-depth knowledge and diligent work ethic.I thank you robin for his professionalism, attention to detail and great working spirit.
Stepharn Ramsay Music
Stepharn Ramsay Music
21:18 02 Apr 20
I easily got in contact with RA Advisory after searching for them on the internet. Their customer service was great! and their accounting assistance with book keeping and financial reports has really helped my new start up business:).
Sonja V
Sonja V
05:26 30 Mar 20
I got into contact with Robin through family member's recommendation. Being through various accountants, Robin demonstrated true professionalism and exceptional advisory service through providing me constructive feedback, advice and instructions on how to proceed with various small business finanical matters. I highly recommend Robin and his team to anyone who requires finanical support - whether it be your annual tax return or finanical business support.


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$120m in JobKeeper clawed back by ATO, new compliance areas highlighted

$120m in JobKeeper clawed back by ATO, new compliance areas highlighted


About $120 million in JobKeeper payments have been recovered by the ATO due to businesses making deliberate or reckless mistakes, as fresh guidance on its JobKeeper extension compliance focus lands.


‘Follow the spirt of the law’, warns ATO

‘Follow the spirt of the law’, warns ATO


The Australia Taxation Office has cautioned businesses against taking advantage of the government’s most recent expanded asset write-off scheme and the new loss carry-back provision.


Employers cautioned over ‘hard and fast’ decline in turnover eligibility

Employers cautioned over ‘hard and fast’ decline in turnover eligibility


Accountants assisting clients with the JobKeeper extension have been urged to pay close attention to the actual decline in turnover test, with the ATO unable to offer leeway for those who come just shy of the requirements.



Important Financial Information For
Small Business Owners

Financial Support For Small Business During Covid-19